Meet Your Grad Studies Team

MINS is a redbrick building with columns at the front doors

The support team for graduate studies in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) is now more centrally located in Macdonald Institute (MINS).

While the full-time graduate program assistants (GPAs) have physically moved to the CSAHS Dean's Office, their roles remain committed to helping the College's grad students and departments. Each department will continue to have a GPA that can assist you virtually or in-person. If your department's GPA is unavailable or on vacation, another member of the GPA team can help you.

Your Graduate Program Assistant Team

Heather Douglas

Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy

Heather Douglas
Office: MacKinnon Building, 6th Floor

Shauna Porter

Family Relations and Applied Nutrition
Sociology and Anthropology

Shauna Porter
Email: |
Office: Macdonald Institute, Room 137


Geography, Environment and Geomatics

Nance Grieve
Office: Macdonald Institute, Room 151

Daphne Campomanes

International Development Studies (Collaborative Specialization)

Daphne Campomanes
Office: MacKinnon Building, 7th Floor

Faythe Van Esch

Social Practice and Transformational Change

Faythe Van Esch
Office: Main Office, H.L. Hutt Building

Renee Tavascia

Political Science

Renee Tavascia
Office: Macdonald Institute, Room 147

Duska Males


Duska Males
Office: Macdonald Institute, Room 149


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact or visit my GPA?

The graduate program assistants, the assistant manager of graduate operations, and the other members of the Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Studies) Office are here to help graduate students and departments! If you need help navigating graduate studies, reach out to us! If the GPAs are unable to assist you with something, they will provide a warm introduction to another member of the graduate studies team who can.

What do GPAs help with?

  • Forms, including forms on your advisory committee, progress reports, extensions, leaves of absence, plan of study, withdrawals, part-time study and more.
  • Course waivers
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) & Tri-agency scholarship applications (SSHRC, CIHR, and NSERC)
  • Funding and general scholarship questions
  • Admissions documents
  • Payroll deduction/Graduate Settlement
  • Defense documents
  • Assignment of student study spaces

Getting to Macdonald Institute (MINS)

University of Guelph Campus Map

The Macdonald Institute building (MINS) is located at the north end of campus. To find us:

  • Cross College Avenue near Creelman Hall to reach North Campus.
  • Go around the left side of Macdonald Hall (the LANG building) and follow the sidewalk to Macdonald Institute.
  • Entrances:
    • By Stairs: Enter through the front doors and turn left in front of the central staircase. Take the first right and follow the hallway down to the Dean's Office in Room 111.
    • By Ramp: Take the ramp to the accessible entrance on the east side of the building. Continue down the hallway, past the central staircase. Turn right and follow the main hallway down to the Dean's Office in Room 111.
    • By Elevator: Continue down the sidewalk to Macdonald Stewart Hall (MACS). Enter through the ground floor doors and continue through the foyer, turning left. Turn right down the main hallway and continue to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the second floor of MACS. Turn left out of the elevator and turn left again to return to the main hallway. Go through the two doors at the end of the hallway to return to MINS. Turn left down the main hallway and continue to the Dean's Office in Room 111.