Dean's Graduate Research Fund

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Acknowledging the significant contributions of graduate student research, the CSAHS Dean's Graduate Research Fund encourages and supports graduate students conducting research that addresses complex, critical issues facing society. Thematic priorities will vary from year-to-year.

The Dean's Graduate Research Fund is providing funding for research expenses to support graduate student research that studies race and systemic and structural racism, decolonization/reconciliation, and equity-deserving groups whose voices and perspectives have been historically erased and silenced. The fund is open to research from any disciplinary, theoretical and/or methodological perspective exploring these issues.


Up to $1,500 (CAD) may be awarded per grant application.


Graduate students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

Application Process

Please complete the Dean's Graduate Research Fund Application and have a faculty member complete Dean's Graduate Research Faculty Endorsement Form. See below for links to both forms. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Examples of potential expenses that a student might expect to incur related to their research are as follows: incentives for participants; materials and supplies; accommodation costs for participants (e.g. travel, interpreters, etc.); costs associated with childcare; and/or to cover costs of registration for, and travel to, scholarly conferences associated with the dissemination of research or other knowledge mobilization activities.

Applications are reviewed and assessed by a selection committee established by the Dean, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Application Form

Faculty Endorsement Form

Name Department Program Title
Joanne Moores Political Science PHD.POLS+IDEV Indigenous Rights, Public Policy, and Fair Access to Vaccines: A Comparison of COVID-19 Policy Vaccination Access Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand and Canada
Yu Ni Geography, Environment & Geomatics MSc.GEOG Exploring the Distribution and Phytosociology of Indigenous Ethnobotanicals in southern Ontario's Greenbelt
Riya Sharma Psychology PHD.PSYC Constructions of 'Inclusion' in a Disability-Integrated School: Multiple Stakeholder Perspectives
Shruti Chandrashekhar Nadkarni Psychology PHD.PSYC “What to wear and what to eat, that is the question”: The relationship between Canadian immigrants' ethnic identity, acculturation and ethnic products.
Poojan Joshi Psychology MA.PSYC Constructing the Ideal Refugee
Yoshiyuki Miyasaka Family Relations & Applied Human Nutrition MSc.FRAN-FRHD+SGB Mediated Sexual Exhibitionism of Asian Queer Men on Twitter: Understanding the Impact of Hegemonic Masculinity and Sexual Racism on Psychosocial and Sexual Agency
Lauren MacLachlan Geography, Environment & Geomatics MSc.GEOG+IDEV Advancing Indigenous Led Conservation and Governance in Unama'ki
Ciara Boyd Sociology & Anthropology PHD.SOC Race-, Class-, and Gender-Based Violence in the Media: Analyzing Media Framing of Mass Killings in Canada
Emmanuel Tamufor Geography, Environment & Geomatics PHD.GEOG+IDEV The Pathway to Canada Target 1: A pathway to reconciliation and inclusive conservation policy and practice
Lisa Stora Psychology MA.PSYC Examining the Role of Social Networks in International Students' Psychological Adjustment
Barbara Lopez Gonzalez Geography, Environment & Geomatics PHD.GEOG+IDEV Confronting the coloniality of disasters: Exploring the experiences of autogestion efforts in transformations towards just and sustainable futures
Dilshan Fernando Sociology & Anthropology PHD.SOC+IDEV iAccess: Building Long-term Disability Inclusion Practices in Workplaces in India

Name Department Program Title
Dilshan Fernando Sociology & Anthropology PhD.IDEV Digitally Enabled Workplace-inclusion Strategies (DEWS) for Young People with Disabilities
Rima Hanna Psychology PhD.PSYC Reconstructing Mental Health: An Arts-Based Exploration for/by the South Asian and Southwest Asian Diaspora
Jessica Lukawiecki Geography, Environment & Geomatics PhD.GE&G Culturally significant species: implications for environmental policy and management
Ethan McCance Criminology & Criminal Justice Policy MA.CCJP Racialized Barriers to Bail
Yamin Rahman Sociology & Anthropology MA.PIA Land and Indigeneity at risk: The case of Mru people in Bangladesh
Justine Townsend Geography, Environment & Geomatics PhD.GE&G All our relations: Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas and Reconciliation in Turtle Island/Canada
Christopher Worden Sociology & Anthropology PhD.SOC Directing diversity in the arts

Name Department Program Title
Kaitlyn Hunter Criminology & Criminal Justice Policy MA.CCJP Covering Defund the Police: What is the News Telling Us?
C. Emma Kelly Criminology & Criminal Justice Policy MA.CCJP Perceptions of Procedural Justice and Police Legitimacy
Danah Elsayad Family Relations and Human Development MSc.FRHD Religiosity and Adjustment in Muslim Minority Adolescents
Jessica Lukawiecki Geography, Environment & Geomatics PhD.GE&G Developing Indicators to Evaluate the Outcomes of Biocultural Conservation Initiatives
Lara Powell Geography, Environment & Geomatics MA.GE&G Indigenous-Led Carbon Management: An Intersectional Sustainable Livelihoods Approach
Joanne Moores Political Science PhD.POLS+IDEV Politics of Indigenous Engagement in the COVID-19 Policy Process
Olivia Flegg Sociology & Anthropology MA.PIA Documenting the Strengths and Challenges of Ojibwe Language Revitalization in Neyaashiinigmiing
Natalie Stravens Sociology & Anthropology MA.PIA+IDEV Examining Immigrant Communities' Access to Mental Health Care in Ontario
Vanessa Rhodes Sociology & Anthropology PhD.SOC Policing Race, Place and Crime in the Canadian Context
Jordan Ho Psychology PhD.PSYC Stigmatization of Black Men in Hiring Contexts: A Multiple Categorization Approach
Elcin Ray Yol Psychology PhD.PSYC Exploring Imagined Contact from Minority and Majority Groups' Perspectives: A Cross-Cultural Investigation
Julie Rochefort Social Practice & Transformational Change PhD.SoPR Legacies of Resilience: Creating good footprints into the future

Financial support has been provided by Drs. Bryon Sheldrick, Associate Vice-President (Academic), and Gwen Chapman, Provost, Vice-President (Academic).



For more information on the Dean's Graduate Research Fund, send an email to