CSAHS Alumni Association

Message from the President

The CSAHS Alumni Association is led by a dedicated group of volunteers, passionate about connecting the College's alumni community. As president, I look forward to developing more supports for current students and growing our association's impact.

Michael Gilmour, BA '16
CSAHS Alumni Association President

CSAHS Alumni Association Board of Directors (2022-2023)


  • Kevin Alger
  • Johannah Brockie
  • Fiona Cashell
  • Amaris Gerson
  • Kelsey Gilmour
  • Michael Gilmour
  • Kim Kennedy
  • Shelley Morrison
  • Martin Straathof
  • Faythe van Esch


  • President – Michael Gilmour
  • Vice President – Johannah Brockie
  • Treasurer – Fiona Cashell
  • Secretary – Kelsey Gilmour

Ex-officio Director Appointments

  • CSAHS Student Alliance designated nominee – Jade Dorie
  • CSAHS Alumni Advancement Manager – Cristina Coates

What We Do

  • Guide the finances of the Alumni Association endowments to help support our College
  • Build and strengthen relationships with alumni
  • Participate in student-centered events
  • Distribute scholarships to ensure that students are recognized for their achievements
  • Sponsor student and alumni initiatives and events. To request funding, complete the Event Sponsorship Request Form.

Our Impact

We support many initiatives and projects in the College, including:


Get Involved

Join an upcoming meeting and get involved with our board. We want to hear what you have to say. Live far away? Alumni are welcome to call into meetings.

Would you like to volunteer? Volunteers are always needed at events such as Convocation and Alumni Reunion Weekends.

For more information, contact the College Alumni Advancement Manager: Cristina Coates at 226-971-0796 (cell), or ccoate02@uoguelph.ca

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