The Interdisciplinary Hub

The Interdisciplinary Hub was created to promote interdisciplinary activities in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences – breaking down boundaries and catalyzing connections among scholars.

It is more than just a physical space for collaboration; it provides resources, support and funding that stimulates interdisciplinary work. At its core, the Interdisciplinary Hub is about brokering relationships, incubating new interdisciplinary partnerships and initiatives and building the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences’ capacity for interdisciplinary research.

In the College’s active pursuit of research and learning that improves life, inter-, trans- and multidisciplinarity play important roles.


Interdisciplinarity analyzes, synthesizes and harmonizes links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole.


Transdisciplinarity integrates the natural, social and health sciences in a humanities context, and transcends their traditional boundaries.


Multidisciplinarity draws on knowledge from different disciplines but stays within their boundaries.

The Hub is about brokering relationships, incubating new interdisciplinary partnerships and initiatives, and building capacity for interdisciplinary research at the University of Guelph. We are constantly putting together supports to advance new interdisciplinary research. Among them:

 Creative Space

A physical space in Mackinnon Room 019 where scholars from different disciplines can come together to share knowledge and ideas, working together for common goals.

 Access to Resources

Easy access to resources about interdisciplinary research, such as online toolkits, a supportive community of scholars and regular meetings of engaged researchers.


Hosting and sponsoring of events with a focus on interdisciplinary scholarship (e.g., lunch and learns, symposiums).

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes & Programs at Guelph