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Webinar: Tools for Providing Meaningful (and quick!) Feedback to Students

Educational research demonstrates providing meaningful feedback to students has a positive impact on their learning and development (Ambrose et al., 2010). From an instructor’s perspective, providing students with feedback can often be time consuming, feel repetitive, and often times may feel as if students do not make use of the feedback. As a result, it is challenging to strike a balance between workload and supporting students, particularly in remote learning environments.

Webinar: Strategies for Community Engaged Teaching and Learning in Remote Learning Environments

Community Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL) meaningfully integrates and aligns community-identified priorities and course learning outcomes. Many mutually beneficial partnerships exist between faculty, students, and community, but what does meaningful CETL look like as we transition to remote learning environments? How do we make the most of remote learning to support collaborative partnerships in CETL with attention to student learning and engagement as well as ethical and sustainable community connections? By the end of this session, participants will:

India's Migrant Crisis: The Elusive Search for a Better Life

This webinar will focus on the failures of the central and state governments in India in protecting the migrants during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. It will also review the economic package announced by the Government of India and its impact on return migrants.     Presented by:

Webinar: Graduate Student Support: An Open Forum for Discussion

This session is an open forum for faculty and lecturers to share their experiences and challenges with supervising graduate students and supporting virtual graduate classes and programs during COVID-19. This session will host three breakout rooms. We invite you to share your experiences, challenges, and best practices with:

Webinar: Designing Assessments: A Learner-Centred Approach

This webinar is part of a collaborative teaching and learning series from the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence (“The Hub”) and the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics (LANG) Learning and Teaching Advisory Board.

Can the COVID-19 crisis guide India towards an equitable, robust health system?

The coronavirus pandemic and the extended lockdown have hit India hard. The country has struggled to scale-up testing and deliver care in both public and private sectors. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss India’s lack of investment in health and how that made the country vulnerable to the pandemic and its impact, and outline potential strategies for rebuilding the fragmented health system.   Speakers: Rupa Subramanya

Webinar: Enhancing Active & Collaborative Learning in Flexible Course Design and Delivery

This interactive workshop will explore how to you can use active and collaborative learning techniques to support both what and how your students learn. Active learning exists on a continuum, and while it does require instructors to decide how best to adopt various approaches, it can be used in a variety of settings to effectively support student development. In this session, we hope to debunk some of the myths about active learning while providing you with tangible resources and strategies for you to consider in your own teaching approaches.

COVID-19 + Food Security: The Intersection

COVID-19 + Food Security: The Intersection June 9th at 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Register now Before COVID-19 arrived on the scene, food security was already an issue in our communities and around the world. How has the pandemic exacerbated this problem, and where do we go next to address them both?

Webinar: Effective and Flexible Course Design: The Big Picture

This session will explore effective and flexible course design principles to support instructors in their preparations for the upcoming semester. Leveraging evidence from the literature related to universal design and flexible instructional design, we will not only identify several approaches to develop course and lessons in an uncertain time, but also discuss tangible teaching strategies and tools. Specifically, this webinar will cover some of the following topics:

Webinar: Finding and Using Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Classroom

Looking to switch up your course materials for the coming academic year? Consider using open educational resources (OER)! OER are educational materials (including textbooks, modules, streaming media, simulations, and much more) that can be an accessible alternative to commercially published textbooks and other course materials. OER are not only free of cost, but they are often editable and adaptable to ensure that you’re able to provide the best curricular content for your course.

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