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Contesting Systemic Racism

Join us for a discussion with two distinguished guests about how to address structural inequalities and achieve a more just society.   Mary Anne Chambers OONT, Member of the GIDS External Advisory Board, Former U of G Governor, Bank Executive, Ontario Cabinet Minister   Patrick Case Assistant Deputy Minister – Education Equity Secretariat, Ministry of Education  

The Influence of Cash Transfers and Remittances on Children: A case study

Government Cash transfers (CTs) are a common aid intervention and many households rely on familial remittances. Yet the link between this aid and children’s protection, health and education in disaster prone areas is not well understood. This seminar explores how these monetary flows affect children, through a case study of Madhepura District, India.   Guest speaker:  Elijah Dalton, MSc. Capacity Development & Extension, University of Guelph

Scarcity, Abundance & The Human Dimension: Analyzing urban-rural water conflict in India

National governance reform is the central challenge within the Indian water sector. However, national initiatives on legal reform underestimate the challenges of place-specific water issues in the Indian context. This webinar presents case studies on rural-urban transfers of water in large metropolitan centers, highlighting the importance of governance reform and the centrality of politics in the re-allocation of water from agricultural to urban-industrial use.  

Dirty Money and Divestment

Defunding Climate Change? How can we tackle the climate change challenge effectively? Representatives from three Ontario-based universities discuss the role of initiatives campaigning for higher education institutions to divest from fossil fuel companies.   Panelists:   Kyla Tienhaara Assistant Professor, Queen’s University   Matthew Hoffmann 

The U.S. Election in Question

Experts on American politics explore the issues at stake in the US federal election 2020   Panel: Clifford Orwin Professor, University of Toronto   Lori Hausegger Associate Professor, Boise State University   David Macdonald Professor, University of Guelph  

A new India, a new China? The politics of Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping

Since the mid-twentieth century, Asia’s two giants have represented alternative models of political modernity. The dramatic political rise of Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping, two self-avowed strongmen, has seen remarkable changes in the aims, structure and exercise of power in both regimes. This seminar examines striking commonalities and the ramifications of these historic developments. Speaker: Sanjay Ruparelia, Jarislowsky Democracy Chair, Ryerson University

Do ‘WE’ have a problem? The future of charity and Canada’s aid sector

How will the WE scandal impact the charity and aid sector? Join us for a panel discussion with a group of renowned Canadian development experts.   Nicolas Moyer President & CEO Cooperation Canada   Simran Singh Director, Global Programs CARE Canada   Rebecca Tiessen Professor

Impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Development Sector: A presentation of research findings

Join a University of Guelph/CAIDP webinar about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Canadian humanitarian organisations. Researchers surveyed 154 Canadian organisations about the challenges and impacts of the pandemic on their operations as well as collected information about these organisations' response strategies. Panelists will discuss the findings and their implications for the future of the Canadian foreign aid sector. Speakers: Andrea Paras, Associate Professor, University of Guelph Jean Lowry, President, CAIDP

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