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February 2024

The Caring North: Fostering Care and Wellbeing in Northern Communities

What do caring communities look like? What are the unique care and wellbeing preferences and needs of northern, Inuit, and First Nations women and girls? And what are northern, Inuit, and First Nations people and organizations doing to create caring communities in the north? Join us for an important discussion about factors that interrupt and build community care and wellbeing. Hear from an impressive panel of scholars, community researchers and organizations:
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Pathways to Success - CJPP and CCJP career night

Thinking about what to do with your degree after graduation?  The Criminal Justice and Public Policy (CJPP) program and Student Society invite you to our career event and meet with professionals currently working in the criminal justice and public policy fields. The speakers, many of whom are U of G graduates, will share information about different job opportunities and career paths, and share advice on how to succeed in a competitive labour market. Students will also have the opportunity to network with speakers in a social setting. 
Social Reproduction and One Health on the Farm: Feeding the World as if People Mattered. Image of a farm.

Social Reproduction and One Health on the Farm: Feeding the World as if People Mattered

Hear from anthropologist, instructor and award-winning science writer Dr. Andrew Flachs, a renowned anthropologist and professor at Purdue University will join the One Health Institute, Guelph Institute of Development Studies and the Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement in an engaging talk that asks big questions around the challenges and complexities of feeding the world.

Canada’s Constitution: 1982 wasn’t 1789

Join us to hear from The Honourable Justice Malcolm Rowe, Supreme Court of Canada to discuss the evolution of Canada’s constitution.

Black women’s leadership in resisting and responding to gender-based violence

Join us for a Fireside Chat and meet and greet with the University of Guelph’s Activists-in-Residence To recognize and celebrate the vast contributions of Black women to naming and responding to misogynoir and all forms of gender-based violence, please join the University of Guelph’s 2024 Activists-in-Residence, Nneka MacGregor and Dr. Marsha Hinds Myrie, for a chat about Black women’s leadership in resisting and responding to gender-based violence, locally, globally, and transnationally, and the role of Black men as allies in this work.

Local Government: A Social Ontology of Care

What is ‘local government’, and how can it be understood? Join our guest speaker who takes a theoretical lens to question, study and challenge our underlying assumptions about good or bad local government within different contexts.