Faculty Research Support Guidelines

Guidelines revised February 2017.

The College and Departments will continue to provide start-up funds for new faculty. The base level of support is $15,000 (2/3 from college, 1/3 from department). The intention of start-up funds is to allow new researchers to develop stronger applications for funding than would otherwise be possible.

Aside from this initial investment towards research, we will not cover ongoing costs of faculty research activities.

CFI applications typically require significant financial support from the CSAHS Research Office. The Associate Dean (Research) and the Research Manager will determine the amount of the College contribution on a case-by-case basis.

The Research Manager will continue to provide guidance and administrative support for the completion of CFI applications and budgets.

Major collaborative/strategic programs

When Tri-Agency grant competitions, (e.g. large partnership or team grants), require institutional financial commitments, the CSAHS Research Office will arrange this with the Office of the VP Research and the Associate Dean (Research) will determine the College contribution on a case-by-case basis. Such support will normally only be provided when the CSAHS faculty member is the principal investigator (PI) on the grant.

Requests for financial contributions in support of large collaborative grants must be submitted to the CSAHS Research Office at least one month prior to the agency’s application deadline.

All applications must be reviewed by the CSAHS Research Office before they are submitted to the Office of Research Services.

The College will provide $5000 to the PI of a major collaborative grant proposal to assist in the preparation of the grant application. Interested applicants must apply to the CSAHS Research office, while ensuring their proposals address the research requirements outlined from the Office of Research’s Major Proposal Development Grant Program.

If you have questions about internal deadlines, please email Carina Hernandez (Manager, Research Development) at chernand@uoguelph.ca.

Researchers receiving funding through these programs must also apply to an external funding agency within 12 months of the award.

Standard tri-agency programs (i.e. SSHRC, IG, IDG, NSERC, CIHR, & Foundation Project Grant)

The CSAHS Research Office will provide a financial incentive of $5,000 to:

  • SSHRC applicants whose first grant submission for a specific project ranks in the highest sextile but are not funded.
  • NSERC applicants who receive a ‘strong’ rating on the ‘merit of the proposal’ selection criteria but are not funded; and
  • CIHR applicants who receive a rating of 3.5 or above but are not funded.
  • For all Tri-Agency applications, subsequent revised submissions for the same project that receive a high rating/ranking but are not funded will not be eligible for the CSAHS Research Office incentive grant.

To be eligible to receive this funding applicants must submit their applications to the CSAHS internal review process prior to the first submission.

This incentive applies to grant applications made by faculty members who are PI on the grant application. This funding is contingent on the faculty member agreeing to submit a revised application to the Tri-Council agency in the following year.

Faculty members who are new applicants to the Tri-Council programs are required to go through the College grant review process, whichis administered by the CSAHS Research Office. New applicants to the Tri-Council agencies must contact the CSAHS Research Office to take part in this mandatory review.

To assist early career faculty as they prepare to seek external funding, the CSAHS Research Office will administer an annual competition, open to any faculty members who are within 10 years of PhD or within 5 years of appointment at the Assistant Professor level, for 4 awards of up to $5,000 each.

Applicants must submit a 3-page application to the CSAHS Research Office by February 1. Notifications will be sent by March 1.

Since 2009 SSHRC no longer provides release time stipends (RTS). Consistent with this, the College does not support teaching release as part of grant applications. However, the College strongly encourages faculty to play a leadership role as PI in large collaborative and partnership grants.

When a researcher plans to take on such a role, written requests with a rationale may be made to the Department Chair and the Associate Dean (Research) for College support.

Any adjustments to teaching load based on research contributions would require adjustments to distribution of effort (DOE) and are subject to approval by the Chair and the Dean.

Teaching release will be permitted where it is an inherent part of a research award (e.g. Killam Fellowship, Canada Research Chair, and CIHR New Investigator Award).

The CSAHS Research Office will match Departmental top‐ups to post‐doctoral fellowships up to a maximum of $7,500 (for a total possible top-up of $15,000). These are intended as a mechanism for recruiting post-docs to the college and are only available to support a post-doc in the first year of residency (funds from an alternate source will need to be secured to support post-doc activities in the second year).

Five top-ups will be available from the College annually. These will be allocated based on a) fair distribution across departments and b) the quality and fit of the applications in relation to the College research themes.

Faculty members should submit a request to their Department Chairs for support for a post-doc application by September 15 of any given year. Requests for top-ups are then forwarded to the Associate Dean (Research) by September 30.

Should a department submit more than one request for post-doc support, these requests must be ranked by the department.

The CSAHS Research Office will not support requests for funding for research equipment. Of course, we will continue the usual practice of contributing to start-up funds upon hiring.

Normally, the CSAHS Research Office will not support requests for hosting research events or traveling to research events. However, the Associate Dean (Research) may consider sponsoring research events if they meet the criteria outlined by the Office of the Vice-President Research (see: Policy for Internal Requests for Sponsorship of Research Conferences, Symposia, or Workshops).

Requests for support for research events must be submitted to the CSAHS Research Office at least six weeks prior to the agency’s application deadline.

Office of Research Funding Guidelines