Dr. Myrna Dawson and Dr. Robin Roth Among 11 Others Awarded Research Leadership Chairs by the University

The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences is proud to announce two new Research Leadership Chair appointments within the College.

Dr. Myrna Dawson, Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Dr. Robin Roth, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics received the prestigious appointments which recognize significant contributions to both the University of Guelph reputation and advances within their individual disciplines.

The Helderleigh Foundation Funds Professorship in Food Literacy at the University of Guelph

The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences at the University of Guelph has received philanthropic support from the Helderleigh Foundation to create the College's first named Professorship. This aligns with the Foundation's funding to promote food literacy and help raise a healthier generation less prone to chronic disease.

The new Helderleigh Foundation Professorship in Food Literacy will work with the Guelph Family Health Study team to lead development of a productive, collaborative research program that addresses key research gaps related to food literacy.

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