Laureen Owaga headshot. Laureen has her hair pulled back in braids and is wearing a red blazer with a necklace and dangling earrings.

Laureen Owaga Spotlight: Breaking the Silence Around Sexual Assault

Sexual assault may feel like a difficult and taboo topic to bring up in conversation, but second year Psychology and International Development PhD student Laureen Owaga wants to break the silence around sexual assault and intimate partner violence. 

Passionate about her work, Laureen hopes that her research looking at implementing a Canadian sexual assault prevention program in Kenya will not only help Kenyan women and girls, but also inform findings that can improve the program back in Canada.  

Creating Connection: The First Year of the Grad Mentorship Program

A good mentor can impact one’s life in incredible ways. Mentorship can help open doors, create connections, build confidence, and support career direction. In addition, learning from someone with different experiences and perspectives can often shed new light on challenges or reinforce what you know to be true. 

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