Our Sex Expert, Prof Robin Milhausen talks with Grand Magazine about Sex and the Married Mom

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Photo of Robin Milhausen, Sex and the married mom.  When you're an expert on sexuality, frank discussions just come naturally - whether at work or at home. Article written by Phil Andrews March 1 April 2017 Grand Magazine.

When Guelph sex-researcher and media-celebrity sexologist Robin Milhausen was coming of age in Collingwood, it was her father who delivered the birds and bees talk to her. Perhaps foreshadowing the arresting candour his child would come to develop for talking publicly about sexuality and relationships, Ford Milhausen served it up matter-of-factly. “He said: ‘Every guy is going to want to have sex with you. You’re going to have to pick the right one. Or ones,’ ” Milhausen recalls. “He was a pretty straight-up guy, although he didn’t necessarily want to see me talking about sex toys on TV.” 

Read Grand Magazines full article by Phil Andrews in the attachement below.

Photography by Alisha Townsend

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