Judging Disagreements: Reflections from Justice Huscroft

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Nature of the Judicial Role - Judging Disagreements: Reflections from Justice Grant Huscroft.


Nature of the Judicial Role - Judging Disagreements: Reflections from Justice Grant Huscroft.

Join the Department of Political Science and the Justice and Legal Studies team to hear Justice Huscroft from the Court of Appeal of Ontario to discuss his remarkable career as scholar, professor, and judge.

After almost a decade of judging some of the most difficult cases at one of the nation’s most prestigious courts, Justice Huscroft will reflect on the nature of the judicial role, its challenges, and what he wishes he might have known as a legal scholar prior to joining the bench in 2014. He once said: 

“The most important thing I learned as an academic is that disagreement is almost always in good faith,” he said. “I think we have to approach disputes about rights or the Charter with a great deal of humility and we have to start with the position that however strongly we may feel, we might be wrong.”

Justice Huscroft, 2016

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