Inuit Knowledge Keeper Tauni Sheldon Nov. 7

Date and Time


Aboriginal Resource Centre, 620 Gordon St. 



Tauni Sheldon is available at the Aboriginal Resource Centre to provide personal consultation, conversation, guidance and mentorship to Inuit, First Nations & Métis students and the campus community.

Tauni was born to her Inuit parents from Nunavik however, taken at birth as a Sixties Scoop baby. She was raised by her qallunat parents in Milton, Ontario. Tauni has spent her lifetime reconnecting with her biological family, while growing up in the "south". She became the first female Inuit pilot, having flown in the Arctic for Air Inuit Ltd.; and has worked with federally incarcerated Inuit and Aboriginal men. Currently she works in a social capacity for all Inuit, and shares her Inuit culture. Tauni and her son embrace the Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit way of learning, and is reconciling her Inuit Rites of Passage.

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