COVID-19: CSAHS Expert Commentary

How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting areas like global food supply, urban wildlife and the public interactions of strangers? Hear from experts at the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences as they offer their insights to media during this challenging time.

Experts Contributing to the Conversation

Date Expert Article / Media Appearance
May 6 Evan Fraser A Global One Health Initiative to Combat Future Pandemics
May 5 Evan Fraser Church retreat venue welcomes temporary foreign workers in need of isolation space
May 1 Evan Fraser Meat packing plant COVID cases (CBC Radio: Ottawa Morning)
April 30 Anna Stanley, Chloe Alexander Disaster capitalism: Coronavirus crisis brings bailouts, tax breaks and lax environmental rules to oilsands
April 29 Evan Fraser Higher prices, fewer choices: Meat plant outbreaks could affect your shopping
April 24 Evan Fraser What COVID-19 means for food systems and meatpacking
April 23 Bill O'Grady Ontario’s Safe Streets Act will cost lives amid the coronavirus pandemic
April 23 Philip Loring With fresh seafood as elusive as toilet paper, community-supported fisheries could be the answer
April 21 Evan Fraser Why it's naive to send unemployed Canadians to work on labour-strapped farms
April 20 Evan Fraser 'We need all hands on deck': Canadian farmers struggle with labour shortfall due to COVID-19
April 18 Evan Fraser Demand spikes at food banks as Canadians lose income to COVID-19
April 18 Evan Fraser Canada's food supply will face challenges but not crisis, expert says
April 17 Yuriko Cowper-Smith, Tyler Valiquette, Yvonne Su COVID-19 is leaving refugees and asylum seekers trapped between borders
April 17 Evan Fraser Pandemic 'poses particular challenges' for food processing plants: Freeland
April 17 Evan Fraser Coronavirus crisis endangers meat supply to grocery stores, producers say
April 16 Evan Fraser Meat prices, supply could change as industry grapples with COVID-19
April 15 Serge Desmarais How do you put a ‘quarelationship’ on ice?
April 14 Yvonne Su Caremongering and the risk of "happy-washing" during a pandemic
April 14 Philip Loring, Emily De Sousa, Hannah L. Harrison As coronavirus threatens seafood economy, community fisheries find ways to stay afloat
April 13 Evan Fraser Shockproofing Canada: Empty grocer shelves don't signal food security issues, but there are challenges looming
April 9 Andrea Paras How faith communities are responding to the coronavirus pandemic
April 8 Evan Fraser Prof. Evan Fraser discusses COVID-19's impact on seasonal farm workers (CBC Radio: The Current. Start at 16 min, 17 sec)
April 7 Yvonne Su What can caremongering do for us -- and what can't it? (Open to Debate Podcast)
April 7 Evan Fraser Prof. Evan Fraser discusses COVID-19's impact on food supply (CBC Radio: Ottawa Morning)
April 1 Evan Fraser Canada’s food supply at risk as pandemic tightens borders to farm workers
March 31 Yuriko Cowper-Smith Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar brace for the COVID-19 pandemic
March 30 Mervyn Horgan ‘Tiny acts of solidarity’ are bridging our social distance. Can they last?
March 27 Evan Fraser Lessons to take from COVID-19 for the next pandemic
March 24 Faisal Moola Coronavirus: Will Canadians see more wildlife in their backyards as people self-isolate?
March 20 Evan Fraser The COVID-19 pandemic and Canada’s food system
March 20 Evan Fraser 'Serving your country': Inside the push to keep Kraft Dinner on the shelves amid coronavirus panic buying
March 18 Evan Fraser Don't panic, Canada has a robust food supply chain, say U of G experts
March 16 Evan Fraser Coronavirus: The perils of our ‘just enough, just in time’ food system
January 30 Yvonne Su Coronavirus in Wuhan: Residents shout ‘stay strong’ from windows