CSAHS Alumni Association Event Sponsorship Request Form

The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Alumni Association (CSAHS-AA) supports sanctioned student and alumni clubs by providing financial assistance of up to $500.00.

Initiatives and events eligible for funding must demonstrate how the funding benefits CSAHS students or alumni. Examples of events and initiatives eligible for CSAHS Alumni Association sponsorship may include:

  • Career and development nights
  • Alumni reunions
  • Panel discussions
  • Guest speaker events
  • Food and refreshments to supply to attendees

Please prioritize virtually achievable projects and follow the health guidelines of your local authority.

Contact Information

Event Information

Budget Breakdown

Your application must include a budget breakdown. Applicants are eligible for a grant up to $500.00.

Expense categories are as follows:

  1. Materials and supplies are what is needed to carry out the project (e.g. postage costs or purchasing art materials).
  2. Facility rentals are the space required for the project activities (e.g. the rental of event space).
  3. Local transportation costs are travel expenses for participants (e.g. local bus tickets).
  4. Refreshments/meals are served during project activities (e.g. catering costs).
  5. Promotional costs are expenses related to the design, production and printing of brochures and posters to promote project activities and/or purchasing ad space.
  6. Integration costs relate solely to caring for dependents/children as well as expenditures enabling individuals living with disabilities to participate.
  7. Professional services include a payment to an individual with the expertise needed to carry out specific project activities (e.g., translation or web development). This can also include honorariums, a payment made to an individual for a task performed and/or knowledge contributed to the project.

Kindly attach a spreadsheet in PDF format with your anticipated expenses and allocation of budget.


If you have questions or require further support with the application process, kindly contact Cristina Coates, Alumni Advancement Manager, at ccoate02@uoguelph.ca.

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