The Interdisciplinary Hub

The Interdisciplinary Hub was created to promote interdisciplinary activities in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences – breaking down boundaries and catalyzing connections among scholars.


In the College’s active pursuit of research and learning that improves life, inter- and transdisciplinary scholarship play an important role.

Interdisciplinary vs Transdisciplinary



When two or more disciplines of study collaborate – integrating knowledge and methods to form something greater than their individual parts.

2 + 2 = 5


When collaboration transcends the confines of disciplinary boundaries and something novel is created.

2 + 2 = yellow

The Interdisciplinary Hub supports interdisciplinary work by providing the following resources:

 Creative Space

A physical space in Mackinnon Room 019 where scholars from different disciplines can come together to share knowledge and ideas, working together for common goals.

 Access to Resources

Easy access to resources about interdisciplinary work such as templates for doing interdisciplinary work and best practices in interdisciplinary work.

 Access to Funding

Providing seed funding for interdisciplinary initiatives.


Hosting and sponsoring of events with a focus on interdisciplinary scholarship (e.g., lunch and learns, symposiums).