Award Recognition 2020: Thank You from the Recipients

Award Recipients 2020

Congratulations to all of the 2020 CSAHS student award recipients! We invite you to listen to messages from some of our student award winners who were invited to share a video message with donors.


Mahya Ashtiani

Kiyoko Miyanishi Graduate Geography Scholarship

Mahya Ashtiani Video Transcript

Kaitlyn Avery

H. H. Harshman Graduate Scholarship

Kaitlyn Avery Video Transcript

Tea Babic

H. H. Harshman Foundation Scholarship

Tea Babic Video Transcript

Lucinda Barrett

Frederick Vaughan Political Science Scholarship

Lucinda Barrett Video Transcript

Naomi Brown

Ontario Women's Institute Scholarship

Naomi Brown Video Transcript

Katelyn Chadder

Class of MAC '59 (BHSc) Scholarship

Katelyn Chadder Video Transcript

Haley Clark

Bruce and M. Linda Hutchinson Graduate Entrance Scholarship

Haley Clark Video Transcript

Mackenna Clements

Carolyn Mathieson Scholarship

Mackenna Clements Video Transcript

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Brendan Dell

John F. Melby Honours Thesis Prize

Brendan Dell Video Transcript

Alexandros Fortsas

Byron Sheldrick Scholarship in Law and Politics

Alexandros Fortsas Video Transcript

Ariella Golden

Class of MAC 1964 Scholarship

Ariella Golden Video Transcript

Jessica Greenwood

Lynn Dibblee Roblin Scholarship

Jessica Greenwood Video Transcript

Grace Hiltz

Jean Carter Memorial Gerontology Scholarship

Grace Hiltz Video Transcript

Zainab Ijaz

Class of MAC '62 Scholarship

Zainab Ijaz Video Transcript

Tristan Kimball

Janet Wardlaw Memorial CSAHS Scholarship

Tristan Kimball (Janet Wardlaw) Video Transcript

Tristan Kimball

Sasha Leigh MacNeil Scholarship

Tristan Kimball (Sasha Leigh MacNeil) Video Transcript

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Brooklyn Kuepfer

Burnbrae Farms Prize in Applied Human Nutrition

Brooklyn Kuepfer Video Transcript

Barbara Lopez Gonzalez

Kiyoko Miyanishi Graduate Geography Scholarship

Barbara Lopez Gonzalez Video Transcript

Stephanie Martin

H. H. Harshman Graduate Scholarship

Stephanie Martin Video Transcript

Julio Mejía

Sally Humphries and Leo Smits International Scholarship

Julio Mejía Video Transcript

Ryan O'Byrne

H. H. Harshman Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

Ryan O'Byrne Video Transcript

Alexandra Proulx

Morton and Pauline Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

Alexandra Proulx Video Transcript

Dayna Rachkowski

MAC '67 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Dayna Rachkowski Video Transcript

Nora Raymond

Carolyn Oke Langill Community Outreach Scholarship

Nora Raymond Video Transcript

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Natasha Roskosch

Donna Lero Scholarship in Family Services

Natasha Roskosch Video Transcript

Zoey Ross

Dan Mathieson Scholarship

Zoey Ross Video Transcript

Conor Russell

Harshman Graduate Scholarship in Food Systems

Conor Russell Video Transcript

Bronte Shay

Class of MAC '65 Scholarship

Bronte Shay Video Transcript

Madelyn Tabakos

Marie-Pier Lamoureux Memorial Scholarship

Madelyn Tabakos Video Transcript

Sarah-Anne Thompson

Ken and Marilyn Murray Scholarship

Sarah-Anne Thompson Video Transcript

Shahrear Towhid

Sally Humphries and Leo Smits International Scholarship

Shahrear Towhid Video Transcript

Caroline Zolis

Alun Joseph Tribute Scholarship

Caroline Zolis Video Transcript

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