College Strategic Plan


2019 Progress Report now available

The 2019/2020 period has been pivotal in the ongoing implementation of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences strategic plan. Over the past year, a number of strategic priorities have been achieved, and work on others has commenced.


Strategic Plan News


The CSAHS Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” is an axiom oft’ attributed to Aristotle, one of the greatest teachers in history. The College of Social and Applied Human Science’s Hub for Teaching and learning Excellence, established in 2018, is an embodiment of this notion.

Innovative Graduate Programs Coming to CSAHS

Two new graduate programs have been unveiled recently by CSAHS – a PhD in Social Practice and Transformational Change and a Master in Conservation Leadership. These leading-edge programs are unique in the Canadian academic landscape ­– both in their composition and program design.

Curriculum Innovation: Indigenizing Curriculum

Efforts are being made at a College level to put the University commitment towards Indigenization into action. The College strategic plan includes portions on Indigenous strategy with a focus on Indigenizing curriculum. A review of the CSAHS curriculum gauged how indigeneity is integrated in course content.