Celebrating National Accessibility Week 2024!

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2024

image of paper cut out of various disabled people.

The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences proudly joins the nation in celebrating National Accessibility Week, observed from May 26th to June 1st. This dedicated week serves as a pivotal time to recognize the achievements and ongoing efforts to create a more accessible and inclusive Canada. The university reaffirms its commitment to fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive. By highlighting key initiatives, hosting engaging events, and promoting awareness, CSAHS aims to inspire action and dialogue, ensuring that accessibility remains at the forefront of its mission to support a diverse and inclusive community. 

U of G offers many resources to support students' accessibility needs while at the university. 

Diversity and Human Rights 

The Office of Diversity and Human Rights is an independent and impartial office reporting directly to the University president. It promotes a work, study, and living environment free of discrimination and harassment. It helps foster an inclusive University community, works to identify and resolve human rights-related issues, and ensures employment equity and accessibility for everyone. 

Student Accessibility Services 

Student Accessibility Services works to create a barrier-free environment where all students can achieve their potential. It provides a variety of resources and services for students with disabilities to help them have full and equitable participation in academic life. 

For more services and contact information, visit: CSAHS Student Supports.

Centers and Institutes Championing Accessibility 

CSAHS is home to several centers and institutes that champion accessibility in various innovative and impactful ways: 

Arrell Food Institute: Addresses food security and sustainability with a focus on inclusive practices. 

Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE): Promotes cross-cultural learning and engagement. 

Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI): Bridges the gap between academia and the community, advocating for inclusive participation and equitable access to resources and knowledge. 

Maplewood's Centre for Family Therapy and Child Psychology: Provides accessible mental health services, supporting families and children through affordable therapy and psychological services. 

Live Work Well Research Centre: Focuses on improving the quality of life for diverse populations, emphasizing work-life balance, family well-being, and social inclusion. 

ReVision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice: Leverages the power of art to address social inequities, creating platforms for marginalized voices and promoting social justice through accessible artistic expression.  


Together, these centers and institutes exemplify CSAHS's commitment to fostering accessibility and inclusivity in myriad forms, making a significant impact on the communities they serve. 


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