Expanding Research Impact Through Community-Engaging Events

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2023

Three CSAHS Faculty are planning to broaden the impact of their research by facilitating the flow and exchange of their research knowledge.  

Dr. Susan Chuang of the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition; Dr. Diana Lewis of the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics; and Dr. Deborah Stienstra of the Live Work Well Research Centre have been awarded Connection Grants by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Connections Grants are awarded to support events and activities that will help realize the potential of social sciences and humanities research for intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence on and beyond campus.  

Learn more about these faculty members’ projects below: 

The Complexities of Men and Abuse in an International Context: An Academic-Community Approach 

Dr. Susan Chuang – Family Relations and Applied Nutrition  

Family abuse is a serious international problem that affects many women, men, and children around the globe. To collectively address these issues, Chuang and a team of 29 scholars, law professionals, and community organizations from 13 countries and regions across five continents are organizing a series of outreach activities and a two-day international hybrid conference. Specifically, the Team will focus on how boys and men are involved in violence and abuse, whether as perpetrators, survivors, or both and to unpack the complexities and contexts that surround violence and abuse. 

Building our Capacity to Develop Indigenous-led Environmental Health Risk Assessment Approaches 

Dr. Diana Lewis – Geography, Environment and Geomatics 

Lewis will be co-organizing a five-day Summer Institute to support four Indigenous communities as they explore the unique social, cultural and well-being impacts of living near oil and gas extraction and a landfill site. The Summer Institute will support capacity-building for researchers, trainees, and the community to self-determine the health and environmental status of the communities. 

Reimagining Livelihoods 

Dr. Deborah Stienstra – Live Work Well Research Centre and Political Science 

Reimagining Livelihoods is an outreach project that will share results from community-engaged research on different forms of livelihoods and how they shape the experiences of diverse people in Canada and around the world. Through a three-day hybrid forum and an interactive multimedia platform, Stienstra plans to engage academics, community-members, policy-makers and practitioners to learn from each other about barriers and opportunities for living and working well.  

Congratulations to these CSAHS researchers and their co-applicants for receiving these SSHRC Connection Grants! 

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