Vision, Mission & Values


The College is a leader in world-class, integrated scholarship that addresses critical, complex issues facing our world.


We address complex issues facing individuals, families, communities, societies and our world by working within, across and beyond our academic disciplines through learner-centred teaching, rigorous research, and responsible and reciprocal engagement with the people and communities with whom we work.


  • We value robust, disciplinary scholarship as well as multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary collaborations. Our scholarship includes and integrates teaching, research, service to society, and engagement with varied communities and groups such as professions, civil society, government, industry, and alumni.
  • We value rigorous production, critical interpretation, open communication, and responsible use of evidence. We emphasize integration of knowledge and action, including mobilization of knowledge from the academy into society, bringing knowledge from community and professional settings into the academy, and creation of knowledge through action.
  • We value scholarly activities that contribute to positive change in our communities and our world.
  • We value people. We celebrate and support our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and partners, as well as the people we serve within our communities and globally. We are concerned for their health and well-being.
  • We value and work for equity, inclusion, diversity, and accessibility, and strive to provide respectful and supportive working and learning environments.
  • We take responsibility for working towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples of Canada.
  • We value our local and global communities, and the planet on which we live. We seek to find ways of working and living that sustain ecological, social, physical, and economic health.