The Hub's Lunch & Learn Series

Our Lunch and Learn series is designed to inspire critical thinking and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Instructors and scholars share information, teaching experiences and resources, thereby fostering thought-provoking discussion.

Join us for one of our sessions and gain insight into new ways of teaching and learning. Missed a session? You can access videos from each session here.


Accessibility in the Classroom

Would you like to know how to make your classroom more inclusive for all students? Campus experts in classroom and digital accessibility discuss how to design universal learning experiences. Gather tips and strategies, engage with others about best practices, and build connections with a community of practitioners.

Accessibility in the Classroom Transcript


Challenging Traditional Pedagogy

Challenge the traditional classroom learning environment. This session explores the co-creation of an innovative space that blurs the lines between learner and instructor. Discover how a group of students fostered a flourishing learning environment and how you can do the same.

Challenging Traditional Pedagogy Transcript


Strategic Evaluation Trends

Evaluations should not be seen as a hurdle. Learn about trends and opportunities in the world of strategic evaluation in this session. Gain a deeper understanding of how evaluation can facilitate progressive change. Speakers discuss the importance of program evaluations in measuring impact and improving processes.

Strategic Evaluation Trends Transcript


Innovating Course Delivery

Are you interested in providing a rich learning experience for your students? This session showcases the collaborative design and blended-delivery model of a first-year political science course. Learn about the challenges, triumphs and lessons learned throughout the formation of this innovative course.

Innovating Course Delivery Transcript


Risk and Reward in Community Engaged Learning

How can we direct campus skills and resources towards bettering the community? Experts featured in this workshop share insights into their own successes and challenges in community engaged learning partnerships across undergraduate and graduate courses.

Risk and Reward in CEL Transcript


Indigenizing Curriculum

Take part in the ongoing conversation about Indigeneity and its fit in teaching practices. In this workshop, Dr. Kim Anderson discusses the benefits and challenges associated with incorporating Indigeneity into Canadian postsecondary curriculum. Learn more about Indigenization initiatives at the University of Guelph.

Indigenizing Curriculum Transcript