Foundation Sponsors: Psychology

1. Mental Health & Disease Prevention:

Elton John Aids Foundation:

Supports HIV/AIDS prevention (education and harm reduction programs) and service programs in 55 countries around the globe.

Ontario Mental Health Foundation:

Supports innovative areas of research on mental health. Two types of research project grants: Type A (2yr) and Type B (4yr). Max $75,000/yr.

Sick Kids Foundation:

Funds research in cross-training, home/community, new investigator, alternative health care grants and awards. Research must be relevant to child's health.

EJLB Foundation:

The EJLB Foundation's main areas of interest: Medical and scientific research in all areas of neuroscience that pertain directly or indirectly to schizophrenia and mental illness; Protection of the environment principally through (i) the acquisition and preservation of Canadian natural areas of ecological significance or of importance to the urban landscape and (ii) environmental scientific research performed in Canadian universities or affiliated research centres. The EJLB Foundation established a Scholar Research Programme in order to provide outstanding young researchers with an opportunity to launch their scientific careers.

James S. McDonnell Foundation:

JSMF Scholar Awards support research studying how neural systems are linked to and support cognitive functions and how cognitive systems are related to an organism’s (preferably human) observable behavior. Studies with model organisms should justify why such models were selected and how data obtained from models advances our understanding of human cognition.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

Funds organizations (not individuals); Funding area: Diarrhea and enteric diseases, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, maternal, newborn, & child health; neglected diseases; nutrition; pneumonia & flu, polio, tuberculosis; vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Robert and Judith ASTLEY Family Foundation:

Accepts proposals for funding from organizations that work with youth, aged 12 to 18 and/or provides programming aimed at youth, aged 12 to 18; projects will help educate youth and build their skills to help deal with root causes, while having a lasting impact; will consider research projects for funding.


2. Childhood & Adolescent Related Development:

ALVA Foundation, Toronto:

Funds organizations conducting research and/or developing services that address significant risk factors in early childhood development, prenatal through four years of age.

Foundation Lucie et Andre Chagnon, Montreal:

Supports programs that contribute to the development and improvement of health through poverty and disease prevention focused primarily on children and their parents.


3. Organizational Pyschology:

Lupina Foundation:

Funds for research into the cause, control and cure of health anxiety, social factors in health risk and access to health services, especially by women.

Spencer Foundation:

Specific areas of interest: the relation between education and social opportunity; organizational learning in schools, school systems, and higher education institutions; teaching, learning, and instructional resources; and purposes and values of education; also accept proposals that do not fit one of these areas:address explicitly how your proposed study aligns with the Foundation's mission of research toward educational improvement, and whether this proposal promises to advance our purposes more effectively than research we can fund in our declared areas of interest.

Foundation J. Armand BOMBARDIER:

Supports education, community support, healthcare, as well as arts and culture.