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Project partners include the Catalyst Centre, the SPARK Program at the University of Guelph, and the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University.

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Summary Title



Smaller needles make it easier to take bone marrow samples from small-breed dogs

Dr. A. Abrams-Ogg


Universities need to support and encourage faculty and staff to lead environmental sustainability projects

Dr. J. Ackerman  

Gut bacteria linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. E. Allen-Vercoe  

Healthy humans are host to diverse communities of microbial organisms

Dr. E. Allen-Vercoe  

New DNA barcoding method contributes to identifying chicken parasites

Dr. J. Barta  

Is progesterone responsible for follicular development in ewes?

Dr. P. Bartlewski PDF

Potential for less invasive alternatives to chemo- or radiation therapy

Dr. P. Bartlewski PDF

Using dietary thyroxine to induce molting in turkey hens

Dr. G.Y. Bedecarrats PDF

Better screening needed to prevent the spread of feline viral diseases in Canada

Dr. D. Beinzle PDF

Weather affects water quality and health in Northern communities

Dr. O. Berke PDF

Injected prostaglandins have different effects on early horse embryo development depending on embryo age

Dr. K. Betteridge PDF

South Asians with Diabetes need culturally specific dietary resources and strategies

Dr. P. Brauer PDF

The relationship between calcium intake and body fat

Dr. A. Buchholz PDF

A historic look at Canadian's attitude on water fluoridation

Dr. C. Carstairs PDF

The debate to add fluoride to drinking water in Canadian cities

Dr. C. Carstairs PDF

Airway protein may help identify cattle at risk of developing pneumonia

Dr. J. Caswell PDF

Understanding why the treatment of cattle pneumonia is failing

Dr. J. Caswell PDF

The Performance of specific membranes in membrane bioreactors

Dr. S. Chang PDF

Peaches grow in Ontario outside of the Niagara Region

Dr. J. Cline PDF

In Canada, new apple rootstocks outperform the industry standard and produce more fruit

Dr. J. Cline PDF

Spray-on-mulch helps apple trees grow and prevents weeds

Dr. J. Cline PDF

Men and older adults less likely to use specific foods to improve health

Dr. J. Cranfield PDF

Cattails in constructed wetlands can play a role in the removal of excess nutrients from agricultural wastewater

Dr. A. Crolla PDF

More research needed on availability of support services for victims of violence in Canada

Dr. M. Dawson PDF

Declines of spousal homicide in Canada linked to trends in education, employment and divorce rates

Dr. M. Dawson PDF

Effect of Ontario’s Greenbelt on land values depends on distance from urban areas

Dr. B. Deaton PDF

Improved methods for pork production

Dr. C.F.M. de Lange


Mining company, Vale, still has mandate to repair environment and community relations further

Dr. J. Devlin


Dairy cows and Infection: Does standing after milking help?

Dr. T. DeVries PDF

Durum wheat can grow successfully in a closed, self-supporting ecosystem

Dr. M. Dixon PDF

How do sea salts differ from table salt?

Dr. L.M. Duizer PDF

Do adults with type 2 diabetes eat soy and understand the potential health benefits?

Dr. A. Duncan PDF

Soy protein lowers ‘bad’ cholesterol in adults with type 2 diabetes

Dr. A. Duncan PDF

The role of Pho1 enzyme in starch synthesis in wheat

Dr. M. Emes PDF

Plants can regulate protein production in response to harvesting: implications for genetic modification

Dr. L. Erickson PDF

Early weaning affects gut development in piglets and increases the chance of intestinal diseases

Dr. M. Fan PDF

Practicing veterinarians can play a role in determining new diseases in pigs

Dr. R. Friendship PDF

Can naturally occurring toxins in chicken feed affect a bird’s immune system?

Dr. G. Girgis PDF

Chemical activators induce defense mechanism against a fungus in N. benthamiana plants

Dr. P. Goodwin PDF

Tilling fields may reduce the diversity and resilience of helpful soil fungi communities

Dr. M. Goss PDF

Salmonella types from environmental samples from poultry breeder flocks in Ontario between 1998 and 2008

Dr. M. Guerin PDF

Salmonella types from fluff samples from poultry breeder hatcheries in Ontario between 1998 and 2008

Dr. M. Guerin PDF

Health knowledge of consumers can influence the choice of sweeteners used by food manufacturers

Dr. G. Hailu PDF

A new method for producing therapeutic agents: Can a breast cancer treatment be produced in plants?

Dr. C. Hall PDF

In wild mustard, the development of resistance to auxinic herbicides is associated with less vigorous growth

Dr. C. Hall PDF

Farmers should choose pesticides that kill soybean aphids but spare their natural insect enemies

Dr. R. Hallett PDF

Exposing diversity: using DNA barcoding to identify more fish species in North America’s fresh water ecosystems

Dr. R. Hanner PDF

What’s that fish on your fork? Widespread mislabelling of seafood in Canadian restaurants and stores.

Dr. R. Hanner PDF

Marginalized youth saying and playing who they are

Dr. A. Heble PDF

Combination drug therapy offers an effective means of treating bovine respiratory disease

Dr. J. Hewson PDF

Development of the California sea slug

Dr. A. Heyland PDF

A new method for accurately measuring the amount of inulin in dairy products

Dr. A. Hill PDF

Soybean expansion in Ontario linked to cold-tolerant varieties and good economic returns

Dr. D. Hume PDF

Support for HIV positive mothers and their families

Dr. L. Hunter


Canadian orthopedic surgeons differ greatly in their approach to microfracture knee surgery

Dr. M. Hurtig PDF

Only a small fraction of tumour-infiltrating immune cells possess special anti-tumour proteins

Dr. R. Jacobs PDF

Understanding business innovation in the Australian outdoor hospitality park industry

Dr. M. Joppe PDF

ACCUTE plays a vital role in advancing the discipline of English

Dr. S. Kamboureli PDF

Single mutation can affect antibody’s ability to bind to and neutralize bovine herpes virus

Dr. A. Kaushik PDF

A thorough analysis of mastitis and lost milk production in dairy cows

Dr. D. Kelton PDF

Holstein bull fertility linked to more copies of a testis-specific protein in the genome

Dr. W. A. King PDF

Native Southern Ontario wasps are only mildly effective at controlling Tarnished plant bug populations

Dr. S. Lachance PDF

Determining the structure of a rhodopsin protein

Dr. V. Ladizhansky


Fertility, granulosa cells, and control of the protein Thrombos-pondin-1

Dr. J. LaMarre PDF

In Inuit community, climate change has negatively impacted emotional health and connection to the land

Dr. K. Landman PDF

Community-produced videos allow communities to directly “speak” to, and influence, government decision-makers

Dr. A. Lauzon PDF

Effect of phospholipids on butter texture

Dr. R. Lencki PDF

The “handedness” of a molecule influences the crystal structure and properties of some solid fats

Dr. R. Lencki PDF

Growing factors in vineyards impact sensory profiles of Riesling wines

Dr. I. Lesschaeve PDF

Building a model biological membrane at a gold electrode surface

Dr. J. Lipowski PDF

Risk assessment-based control program leads to slightly lower prevalence of Johne’s disease in dairy cows

Dr. K. Lissemore PDF

Faster and more effective analysis of antioxidant compounds in tomatoes using microwaves

Dr. S. Loewen PDF

Stress hormones may interfere with new mothers’ prolactin levels and negatively affect nurturing behaviour

Dr. R. Lu PDF

Studying Actinobacillus suis infections in mice may improve understanding of this infection in pigs

Dr. J. MacInnes PDF

Self-ratings of counterproductive work behaviour generally do not agree with ratings by peers

Dr. S. Mann PDF

Turning vegetable oil into a gel creates healthy hotdogs with good 'mouth-feel'

Dr. A. Marangoni PDF

Growing ryegrass in soil samples can be a useful measure of soil nitrogen availability

Dr. R. Martin PDF

Red clover improved weight gain in lambs and ewes without harming reproduction

Dr. R. Martin PDF

Cheaper and more efficient method of testing grains for multiple fungal toxins simultaneously

Dr. P. Martos PDF

Birth origin affects the development of stereotypic behaviour in captive wild animals

Dr. G. Mason PDF

Purple and red potato varieties are higher in antioxidants than yellow or white varieties

Dr. M. R. McDonald


Understanding variability in farm incomes can lead to more effective safety net programs

Dr. K. McEwan PDF

How does income affect a country's imports of agrifood?

Dr. K. Meilke PDF

Although Campylobacter are common in Ontario sheep, few strains were resistant to important human antibiotics

Dr. P. Menzies PDF

How to treat mastitis infections in milk-producing sheep and goats

Dr. P. Menzies PDF

While Ontario sheep receive fewer antimicrobials than other livestock, off-label drug use is common

Dr. P. Menzies PDF

Limited financial resources and poor infrastructure among barriers to development of African agri-food industries

Dr. D. Mercer PDF

Successful trial run of skills training program for food industry workers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. D. Mercer PDF

Training in entrepreneurship and business-based skills can improve employment opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. D. Mercer PDF

Diet, especially flaxseed, improves short-term
storage of boar sperm

Dr. K. Merkies  PDF

Chicken viruses have the potential to be used to deliver vaccines

Dr. E. Nagy PDF

Despite high viral counts, fowl adenovirus type-8 did not cause disease in infected chickens

Dr. E. Nagy PDF

New antibodies may help treat “shipping fever” in cattle

Dr. E. Nagy PDF

Participatory Guarantee Systems: a certification idea for small organic farmers

Dr. E. Nelson PDF

A Cuban example – government’s role to advance healthy and sustainable farming

Dr. E. Nelson PDF

Results of a new procedure to treat naturally occurring chylothorax in dogs

Dr. S. Nykamp PDF

New studies are needed to monitor the spread of drug-resistant bacteria in Canada

Dr. A. Padadopoulous PDF

Cannabidiol, a component of cannabis, suppresses nausea and vomiting in rats and shrews

Dr. L. Parker PDF

Cannabinoids found naturally in the brain may suppress vomiting and nausea

Dr. L. Parker PDF

Measuring and predicting chloride leaching in soil using numerical models

Dr. G. Parkin PDF

Heart arrhythmias are fairly common in Standardbred racehorses during recovery period following races

Dr. P. Physick-Sheard PDF

Mexican women who work as migrant farmworkers in Canada endure difficult living and working conditions to provide opportunities for their children back home

Dr. K. Preibisch  PDF

Structure and magnetic characteristics of thiazyl and selenazyl radical ligand combinations with metal ions

Dr. K. Preuss PDF

Optimum seeding depth for seedling emergence and root growth in North American Ginseng

Dr. J. Proctor PDF

The effects of plant age and flower bud removal on ginseng leaf characteristics

Dr. J. Proctor PDF

Making beef tender with vitamins E
and C

Dr. P. Purslow PDF

Early horse embryos produce oestrogen sex hormones, which may encourage development

Dr. J. Raeside PDF

Corn’s wild ancestors may have passed down beneficial bacterial species through seeds

Dr. M. Raizada PDF

In deciding to close recreation facilities, communities must balance rational economics and emotional attachment

Dr. D. Reid PDF

Design of helical heat exchangers affects liquid food processing

Dr. T. Rennie PDF

Simple and low-cost methods for the long-term preservation of Agaricus brasiliensis fungi

Dr. D. Rinker PDF

Fish oil prevents decline in muscle health caused by eating a high fat diet

Dr. L. Robinson PDF

Improving plant growth through increasing nitrogen-use efficiency

Dr. S. Rothstein PDF

Understanding immigrants’ integration into new cultures using the Multidimensional Individual Difference Acculturation (MIDA) model

Dr. S. Safdar PDF

New reporting guidelines for randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies in livestock

Dr. J. Sargeant PDF

New method of growing tree clones may help scientists in conservation efforts

Dr. P. Saxena PDF

Effects of chemical pesticides on helpful predatory insects

Dr. C. Scott-Dupree PDF

Effects of insecticides on the alfalfa leaf-cutting bee

Dr. C. Scott-Dupree PDF

Chickens given interferon-γ along with HVT vaccine have more protection against very virulent Marek’s disease

Dr. S. Sharif PDF

Fluorescent probes act differently with different lipids and other probes

Dr. F. Sharom PDF

Quality and success of embryo transfer in dairy cows fed whole flax seed

Dr. P. Sharpe PDF

The effect of the herbicide atrazine on aquatic plant life and snail populations

Dr. P.K. Sibley PDF

Community interaction may be more important than local food for Ontario's Farmer's Market consumers

Dr. J. Smithers PDF

The impact of regulatory announcements on the financial performance of Canadian food manufacturers

Dr. D. Sparling PDF

Dietary compounds to control odour produced from pork fat in boars

Dr. E.J. Squires  PDF

In vitro testing for the effectiveness of dietary compounds to bind odour produced from pork fat in boars

Dr. E.J. Squires  PDF

Plum varieties with deficiencies in the plant hormone gibberellin may make good dwarf rootstocks

Dr. J. Subramanian PDF

Proteins involved in gene regulation help peaches fight bacterial spot disease

Dr. J. Subramanian PDF

In European plums, antifungal PR5 protein may also activate secondary defences against brown rot

Dr. J. Subramanian PDF

Timing, effect, and recovery from competition in corn development

Dr. C.J. Swanton PDF

 Starch biosynthesis in developing seeds

Dr. I. Tetlow PDF

 Weeds, sweet corn, and economics after cover crops

Dr. L. Van Eerd PDF

Developing a mathematical tool to predict the pollution a broiler chicken facility will emit

Dr. B. Van Heyst PDF

Measuring the air pollution that chicken facilities produce

Dr. B. Van Heyst PDF

The effectiveness of different wash processing methods on spinach and lettuce

Dr. K. Warriner PDF

Antioxidants like vitamins C and E help counteract insulin resistance caused by excess glucocorticoids

Dr. D. C. Wright PDF

Exercise can improve energy production in fat, liver, kidney, and brain cells

Dr. D. C. Wright PDF

Following exercise, complex chemical signals control the activity of energy-producing mitochondria in muscle cells

Dr. D. C. Wright PDF